Monday, June 14, 2010

Episode one

pisode One of P'Stacho'Bot and the 50 cent Pop

Once upon a time there was a great inventor and CEO named Alpheus who created a very special robot--a robot who would in time learn to take care of all that Alpheus had made! He was a superior invention created with the potential to accomplish much of what Alpheus could do himself. Alpheus then game him a very special name (we can thank the guys at the youth center for this); P'Stacho'Bot! Before P'Stacho'Bot was ever turned on and instructed how to operate, an old employee of Alpheus named Sneaky Stew (who had recently been fired for insubordination) had snuck into the his old work station and kidnapped P'Stacho'Bot and taking him halfway around the world left him in a dense tropical jungle. Before Stew left him there to rust and fall apart Stew turned on P'Stacho'Bot, leaving P'Stacho with no orders or instructions to his design. Alpheus was overcome with great sorrow and began searching for his favored robot and P'Stacho'Bot was left lost and confused (Because everyone knows ALL robots are invented for a purpose!). P'Stacho'Bot, gathering the courage to look around his new surroundings stumbled upon a jungle drop-in where many monkeys gathered every Friday night to hang with some older Monkeys who saw P'Stacho'Bot and invited him to a 50 cent pop! As P'Stacho'Bot talked to the older monkeys he learned that they had heard of this Alpheus and told him the greatest piece of information P'Stacho'Bot would ever come across--That P'Stacho'Bot was indeed a created Robot and the only way to figure out why he was invented was to find Alpheus (because everyone knows ALL robots are invented for a purpose!). With that P'Stacho'Bot left the monkeys and set out on a grand adventure to find his inventor and with that his purpose.

As I have worked with the young people of North Huron for the last 4.5 years I have learned this one valuable truth; No matter where someone comes from , what a particular youth is going through, how many piercings or tattoos they have or what decisions they have made or not made, of one thing I am most certain--every young person and every person is a P'Stacho'Bot. With this at the front of our minds the Upper Deck Youth center volunteers and staff see hope and potential in all young people. Keep walking and keep hoping!

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